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Superyacht buoy mooring trial—Brisbane River consultation

Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) is seeking feedback on a proposed trial superyacht buoy mooring in the Brisbane River. 

Superyachts are a high-value market which have the potential to deliver strong flow-on economic benefits for the state. In south-east Queensland, superyachts are expected to contribute more than $1.1 billion to gross state product.

The Queensland Superyacht Strategy 2018-23 has been developed to promote Queensland as a key superyacht destination. The proposed superyacht buoy mooring trial will support the strategy by encouraging superyachts to visit Brisbane and stay for longer, which will help realise these benefits.

You can provide feedback on the proposed mooring through the Get Involved website. Please note that consultation closes 3 April 2020

Trial timing

We are proposing to start a 12-month superyacht buoy mooring trial in mid-2020. 

Trial location

The superyacht mooring will be located in Town Reach of the Brisbane River (below the Kangaroo Point Cliffs), providing convenient access to the Brisbane CBD and facilities. Proximity to the city will allow users of the mooring to readily access the CBD, potentially assisting in injecting a boost to the Brisbane economy.

The superyacht buoy mooring itself is able to be relocated easily. Noting that the superyacht mooring is a 12-month trial, the mooring may be moved to a different location if required.

Map showing proposed mooring location, in Town Reach of the Brisbane River below the Kangaroo Point cliffs

Impact on Kangaroo Point residents

The superyacht buoy mooring will have minimal impact on the residents of Kangaroo Point.
The buoy mooring will not impact on use of the paths adjacent to the river. There will be no infrastructure placed on the land, and residents and other users of the paths will be able to use the footpath without being obstructed.
As can be seen in the image detailing the proposed location, the mooring will be in the river adjacent to the hospital and will not be directly in front of residences. As such it is unlikely to impede on any resident's view of the river and city. 



It is anticipated that there will be fees charged for superyachts that use the mooring. The fee structure is currently under review and is subject to government approval.

How to book

During the proposed trial, information on making online bookings will be available on this page. 

The customer will then receive emails confirming receipt and acceptance of the booking, and any additional information necessary to use the mooring. 

Booking lengths

During the proposed trial, superyachts will be able to use the mooring from 1 to 14 days. Bookings may be extended past 14 days if there are no other conflicting bookings. 

To ensure equal access to the mooring, there is a minimum of 14 days between bookings for the same vessel.

Cancelling a booking

To ensure fair and equitable access to the mooring, penalties may apply for not showing up for a booking, showing up late, or cancelling:

  Notice given  Charge 
No show  N/A  Full booking charge (100%) 
Late show  N/A  Full booking charge (100%) 
Cancellation  30 days or more before the booking date  No charge (0%) 
7 or more days, but less than 30 days before the booking date  50% of total booking charge 
Less than 7 days before the booking date  100% of total booking charge 

Vessel eligibility

Only superyachts will be permitted to use the mooring, unless otherwise approved by the Regional Harbour Master (Brisbane). A superyacht must:

  • be 24m or more in length
  • be for private use, or commercial use for sport or pleasure
  • not carry cargo
  • carry 12 passengers or fewer (not including staff).


Last updated
11 March 2020