Implementation of dedicated ship anchorages at Abbot Point

The protection of the Great Barrier Reef and its environmental, social and economic values is one of the Queensland Government’s most important objectives for the community.

Ports and shipping play a critical role in developing regional industries and supporting local communities, as well as expanding the Queensland economy. Limiting the environmental footprint of shipping and maintaining equitable access to coastal waterways is one way that the government supports the local community and economy while also protecting the Great Barrier Reef.

Maritime Safety Queensland recently sought comments from stakeholders on a proposal to introduce a dedicated anchorage for the port of Abbot Point. Feedback from responders was overwhelmingly supportive of the proposal.

The introduction of designated anchorages in Abbot Point will deliver a number of outcomes for the community, including:

  • providing a level of certainty to trawl fishermen where they can expect to encounter seabed disturbances caused by ship's anchors to reduce occurrences of hook-ups
  • roviding a level of certainty to recreation and commercial boaters on where they will encounter ships at anchor
  • minimising the geographic area of seabed disturbance from ship's anchors and its effect on benthic habitat
  • minimising the geographic area of potential disturbance to marine animal behaviour from ship's operations
  • maintaining open access for the fishing and boating communities
  • facilitating the safe and efficient movement of trade ships to the port.

View details of the dedicated anchorage and the results of the consultation with stakeholders:

After assessing the feedback from the consultation process and in line with its safety and environmental objectives, Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) has now declared dedicated anchorage positions for the Port of Abbot Point in line with the consultation paper.

Last updated
23 January 2023