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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

To manage the risks associated with coronavirus (COVID-19), all foreign trading ships must provide information on recent crew member and passenger travel history, and any sign of symptoms.

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2021 Gold Coast PWC safety campaign

During 2021 Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) will be coordinating a major safety campaign focused on Personal Watercraft (PWC) activities around the Gold Coast. The campaign will include targeted education, engagement and enforcement activities aimed at reducing the number of PWC related marine incidents and injuries in Gold Coast waters. With new registrations of PWCs increasing at more than 6 times the rate of recreational ship registrations in the Brisbane maritime region over the last 5 years, MSQ is committed to engaging PWC owners and masters to ensure they understand PWC laws and safe operating practices. Enforcement activities in Gold Coast waters will focus on licensing, freestyling, speed and distance off requirements.

The MSQ Enforcement Guidelines explain the range of actions that are classified as a safety priority during this campaign. People breaking the law can expect monetary penalty infringements. To brush up on the rules and regulations visit our PWC safety pages

War on Wrecks

As at end of October 2021, there are 907 fewer derelicts in Queensland waters because of Maritime Safety Queensland's War on Wrecks program. With around 372 additional vessels identified either as derelict or at risk of becoming derelict, we will continue to remove these rotting, unseaworthy and derelict vessels from our bays, rivers and creeks.

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Maritime Minutes

Do you know which navigation lights you need for your powered vessel? - watch our video to find out.

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