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To manage the risks associated with the Novel Coronavirus, all foreign trading ships must provide information on recent crew member and passenger travel history, and any sign of symptoms.

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Shipping in the Great Barrier Reef

One of the Queensland Government's key priorities for the community is the protection of the Great Barrier Reef. Protecting the environmental, social, and economic value of the Great Barrier Reef drives many of the Queensland Government’s environmental policies and activities.

In line with this, Maritime Safety Queensland is seeking feedback on 2 initiatives:

War on Wrecks

In July 2018, the Queensland Government responded to the unacceptably high number of derelict vessels left by their owners littering Queensland's coastline, by announcing a "War on Wrecks" with a $20 million fighting fund to tackle the issue.

State-wide community consultation was undertaken to help identify unseaworthy vessels that can be removed from our waterways and to understand and remedy the factors causing this growing problem.

An interim report outlining recommended priorities that warrant further investigation was produced. Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) has been approved to undertake further analysis, drawing on expertise from an appointed taskforce, to determine whether the recommendations can be sustainably implemented.

To date, 711 vessels have been identified as either derelicts or potential derelicts. Through the War on Wrecks program, Government agencies have now removed 226 of these vessels from Queensland waterways, with owners either removing or actioning repairs on a further 174 vessels. Presently MSQ is actively monitoring or commencing action on another 311 vessels.

Access a copy of the report, the supporting appendices, and a consultation model that has been developed. 

Maritime Minutes

Do you know which navigation lights you need for your powered vessel? - watch our video to find out.

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