Compliments and complaints

Customers can compliment or complain to Maritime Safety Queensland by phone, by email, in person, by post, or online. A full list of contact options for Maritime Safety Queensland is available on the contact us page.

Customer complaints

Maritime Safety Queensland strives to provide customers with high quality service, products, and operations. We value customer compliments and complaints because they help us to improve our efficiency and effectiveness.

If you have a complaint about an action or decision made by Maritime Safety Queensland, we would welcome the opportunity to assist you and resolve your complaints promptly and effectively in the first instance.

The addresses and phone numbers for Maritime Safety Queensland are listed on the contact us page.

All complaints are dealt with under the Department of Transport and Main Roads complaints management policy.

Further action

If, after contacting us, your complaint to Maritime Safety Queensland has not been resolved, you may contact the Queensland Ombudsman.

The Queensland Ombudsman is an independent organisation that investigates complaints about the actions and decisions of Queensland's state and local government agencies, and their staff. These complaints may be about actions, or decisions, that were:

  • made for an improper purpose
  • made on irrelevant grounds
  • illegal or contrary to law
  • unreasonable
  • unjust
  • improperly discriminatory
  • based on a mistake of law or fact
  • made without giving reasons
  • wrong.

If you have not already raised your complaint with Maritime Safety Queensland, the Ombudsman may choose to refer you back to us for a review under our complaints management process before considering your complaint.

Last updated
26 March 2024