Maritime Training Grant Program

The Maritime Training Grant Program provides financial assistance to Queensland businesses in the maritime industry to help with the cost of training employees.

What training is covered

  • Ideally, training would be for a higher-level qualification but may apply to an initial qualification or used for specific needs training. The grant can be used to cover costs associated with course enrolment, travel, and accommodation.
  • The Maritime Training Grant cannot be used to cover the costs associated with sea-time required by Australian Maritime Safety Authority for recognition of a qualification.
  • Approved courses can be found in the Maritime Training Grant Funding Guidelines.

Applications are closed.

Successful applicants

Applications were assessed and recommended by an assessment panel. We approved 32 training courses for 10 registered companies totalling $335,000 (ex GST). 

Approved grant funding for the following courses are:

  • 1 grant: Bachelor of Applied Science (Natural Science) (Pre-Sea Deck (Year 1) which is the university equivalent to MAR60220 – Advanced Diploma on Maritime Operations (Master unlimited)
  • 14 grants: MAR40320 – Certificate IV in Maritime Operations (Master up to 35 Metres Near Coastal)
  • 17 grants: MAR40220 – Certificate IV in Maritime Operations (Marine Engine Driver Grade 1 Near Coastal)

The breakup of grants across the maritime regions are:

  • Brisbane region 17 grants
  • Cairns region 7 grants
  • Gladstone region 1 grant
  • Mackay region 1 grant
  • Townsville region 6 grants.

Applicants deemed suitable will shortly receive a Letter of Offer from Maritime Safety Queensland.

For more information on maritime regions please refer to the Queensland Maritime Regions document.

Last updated
21 April 2023