Backing Queensland Maritime Jobs

The Queensland Government has committed $21 million funding to the Backing Queensland Maritime Jobs initiative grant programs. This initiative will revitalise and strengthen coastal shipping and create ongoing maritime jobs in Queensland. 

The grant programs were established as an initiative after a parliamentary inquiry into promoting sustainable intrastate shipping industry in Queensland.

Grant programs

Financial assistance is available through 3 grant programs:

We are partnering with industry to:

  • deliver increased maritime employment, potentially through establishing new coastal shipping services or other innovative approaches
  • create increased maritime employment for the Queensland workforce with existing operators in Queensland
  • address skill shortages and create opportunities for seafarers to grow skills.

This initiative aligns with the Queensland Government's good jobs objective—to create and support secure jobs in our traditional and emerging industries.

Program outcomes

The Backing Queensland Maritime Jobs Initiative has been an overwhelming success with Maritime Safety Queensland receiving multiple applications across the 3 programs.   

For information on approved grant funding, please visit the relevant grant page.

Last updated
08 December 2023