Coastal Shipping Grant Program

The Coastal Shipping Grant Program will support businesses to:

  • establish or enhance a coastal shipping service along the Queensland coastline
  • strengthen existing shipping operations within Queensland.

Who can apply

We are looking for capable and knowledgeable commercial entities in the maritime industry that meet the eligibility criteria. You will need to demonstrate how your proposal will help create new, viable and sustainable local maritime jobs.

Applications are now closed. 

Expected outcomes

This grant program intends to deliver:

  • reinvigoration of sustainable coastal shipping services along Queensland's coastline
  • growth of existing services to Queensland's regional and remote locations, with improved access and greater flexibility
  • increased flexibility and improved reliable access to marine logistic services
  • increased employment for a local maritime workforce
  • opportunities for Queensland seafarers to train, upskill and obtain valuable sea time.
Last updated
05 January 2023