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Coronavirus—information for the Queensland maritime industry

Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) and Queensland’s Vessel Traffic Services have been monitoring all foreign trading ships arriving at Queensland ports due to the Novel Coronavirus. These reports will be published at regular intervals. 

All foreign trading ships scheduled to arrive at Queensland ports are required to report if any crew member or passenger:

  • has visited Hubei Province, China within the past 14 days
  • has visited mainland China since 1 February 2020
  • is showing any of the Novel Coronavirus symptoms.

Ships must provide this information to VTS 2–3 hours before embarking a Pilot and/or going to anchor, and with the Reef VTS Pre-Entry report (1 hour prior to entering the Reef VTS area). 

Any crew member identified as having visited Hubei Province, China within the past 14 days OR having visited mainland China since 1 February will be asked report to the Captain and to self-isolate on board the vessel for the period of their stay in the Australian port or for a period that spans 14 days since leaving the province or mainland China (whichever is shortest). Such crew members are not to have personal interaction with Australian based maritime industry staff.

MSQ will make the appropriate notifications to State health authorities for further advice if any crew reports as falling in these categories. 

Status update

The following table shows the status of vessels that have entered Queensland ports and Reef Vessel Traffic Services over the reporting periods shown. 

Reporting period ending Number of vessels Vessels reporting 'no' to all mandatory questions 
Tuesday 18 February 61 55
Monday 17 February 42 36
Sunday 16 February 49 43
Saturday 15 February 45 39
Friday 14 February 45 41
Thursday 13 February  40  35 
Wednesday 12 February  36 32 
Tuesday 11 February  44  44 
Monday 10 February  54  53 
Sunday 9 February  37  36 
Saturday, 8 February 38 36 
Friday, 7 February 57  57
Thursday, 6 February  56  55 
Wednesday, 5 February  45  44 
Tuesday, 4 February 49 48
Monday, 3 February 46 46
Sunday, 2 February 42  39 
Saturday, 1 February 46 44
Friday, 31 January 23 23

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Last updated
19 February 2020