Bowen pilotage area

The Bowen pilotage area is the area of– 
(a) waters bounded by an imaginary line drawn– 

  • starting at the high-water mark on the southern tip of Dalrymple Point
  • then 286º(T) by a straight line to the port entrance beacon to Bowen Boat Harbour (latitude 20º 01.34' south, longitude 148º 15.39' east) 
  • then 303º(T) by a straight line to the intersection of the high-water mark and the northern edge of the wharf at Bowen (latitude 20º 01.05' south, longitude 148º 14.91' east)
  • then by the high-water mark in an easterly direction along the shoreline of the mainland to the starting point; and
(b) the navigable waters of rivers and creeks flowing, directly or indirectly, into the waters in paragraph (a).

Bowen pilotage/compulsory pilotage area chartlet.

Last updated
23 January 2023