Pilotage areas – Queensland

In Queensland there are 24 pilotage areas, 18 of those are compulsory. All vessels that are 50m and over in length must carry either:

  • a licenced marine pilot, or
  • be under the command of a master who holds a Pilotage Exemption Certificate for the area.

View the pilotage page for more information.

Pilotage location map

Map of Queensland indicating pilotage areas

Southport pilotage area Brisbane Noosa Maryborough Bundaberg Gladstone Rockhampton Hay Point Mackay Whitsundays Bowen Abbot Point Townsville Lucinda Mourilyan Cairns Port Douglas Daintree River Cooktown Cape Flattery Thursday Island Skardon River Weipa Karumba Amrun

Click on the relevant location on the map to go to a description of the pilotage area.

Pilotage area list

Each pilotage area listed, provides details about the areas latitude and longitude coordinates, chartlets and pilotage compulsory status. 

Last updated
16 January 2023