Safer boat operations—Maroochy River

Image of Maroochy RiverA marine safety system has been put in place for the Maroochy River.

Some key elements of this system are:

  • warning signs to warn waterway users of specific hazards or obstructions
  • signs for speed limits
  • speed limits of 6 knots for all vessels in the upper reaches of creeks
  • a speed limit of 20 knots for all vessels upstream of the David Low Bridge through shallow areas near the Wetland Sanctuary and the Bli Bli Islands
  • water skiing prohibitions, including an area of Eudlo Creek where only boats up to 6.4m with 1 tow line may water ski on the creek.

These requirements complement other marine safety and waterways management legislation. They also provide a simple, cost-effective regulatory system to advance marine safety on an important Sunshine Coast waterway.

Maps of speed limits and water skiing prohibitions

The maps below show the speed limits and water skiing prohibitions, along with the system of regulatory and warning signs.

Last updated
23 January 2023