Nelly Bay Harbour, Magnetic Island

Recreational boat users in the harbour need to be aware of the following important information.

The entrance to the harbour is quite narrow and has a blind corner for vessels arriving and departing. All boat operators must comply with the general safety obligation and observe the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (the Colregs). This is particularly important in the harbour because large commercial vessels with restricted manoeuvrability will be operating alongside other harbour users. 
Ferries and barges are required to: 

  • make an all ships announcement on VHF channel 16 before entering the harbour and before letting go lines to depart
  • use whistle signals, as prescribed in the Colregs, to indicate their intentions
  • comply with the general safety obligation.

Recreational boat users are required to: 

  • maintain a full and proper lookout by looking and listening, and any other means appropriate in the prevailing circumstances and conditions
  • not impede the passage of large vessels navigating within the channel or swing basin (the best way to do this is to wait for the larger vessel to berth or clear the harbour) 
  • comply with the general safety obligation.
This chartlet shows the speed restrictions and the anchorage exclusion areas. The narrow entrance to the channel is also evident.

If you require further information, phone the Maritime Safety Queensland regional office in Townsville on +61 (07) 4421 8100z.

zLocal call – higher rates may apply outside local area or from mobile phones.

Last updated
19 June 2023