Current and announced projects

We own and maintain over 507 pieces of marine infrastructure valued at about $194 million. These include assets such as state boat harbours, boat ramps, jetties, pontoons, floating walkways, channels, and breakwaters/rock groynes.

The Boating Infrastructure Program within the Maritime Infrastructure Investment Program funds:

  • public recreational boating facilities for launching and retrieving recreational trailer boats
  • maintaining depths in state boat harbours and selected high–use channels to ensure access to the busiest recreational boating facilities
  • pontoons and jetties for deeper–draught vessels such as yachts and powerboats, for pick–up and set–down of passengers and supplies, and limited commercial use.
Location/facility State electorate Scope of works Status
Cairns Region
Bloomfield River Cook Upgraded boat ramp and new gangway–access pontoon Pontoon installation completed October 2023. Tropical cyclone Jasper and the associated flooding that followed exceeded the design capacity of the pontoon and caused extensive bank erosion. Planning to recover the pontoon and reinstate the facility is underway.
Trinity Park, Cairns Barron River $1 million Maritime Safety Queensland grant contribution to Cairns Regional Council for groyne on north side of Half Moon Creek entrance Cairns Regional Council is progressing approvals for the project. Maritime Safety Queensland paid the first $500,000 of the grant to Cairns Regional Council in November 2021.

Review of Deed of Agreement with Cairns Regional Council in progress.

Gladstone Region
Casuarina Creek (off Bajool–Port Alma Road) Mirani New 2–lane boat ramp with floating walkway Installation of erosion protection works, boat ramp works, and floating walkway completed in March 2024. Construction of carpark to commence in April 2024.
Poona dredging feasibility study
Maryborough Investigate feasibility and costs for dredging an approach channel to the Owen Cox Street boat ramp Dredging feasibility study complete. Whole project with Queensland Government for review.
Brisbane Region
Mooloolah River entrance dredging Maroochydore Maintenance dredging of entrance Entrance centreline depths remain adequate. Regular hydrographic survey monitoring continues with regular release of notices to mariners. Stakeholder groups are supporting investigation options to help make the entrance more available and safer into the future. The Western Channel Trial dredging basin appears to be working so far and an improved entrance monitoring system is being developed.
Dunwich, Junner Street jetty Oodgeroo Upgraded landing Contract awarded on 5 November 2023. Contractor has commenced preliminary works including development of the construction plan and design, to be submitted for review December 2023. Refer Gumpi Master Plan 2023 for more information about how the ferry terminals project fits into the broader plan for Dunwich (Gumpi/Goompi).
Outrigger Island, Minyama construct new 2–lane boat ramp and floating walkway
Kawana New 2–lane boat ramp and floating walkway.
Sunshine Coast Regional Council expect works to be completed by mid-2024. Tender accepted by Maritime Safety Queensland for the in-water works component. Sunshine Coast Regional Council is managing the joint project.

In assessing and prioritising projects for inclusion into the program, we will consider the following:

  • community consultation web–based (delivered by us)
  • the latest state–wide demand forecasting study incorporating:
    • demographic forecasts
    • boating catchment vessel registration analysis
    • community and agency consultation
  • maximising benefits for the boating public
  • state–wide equity considerations within the scope of available funding
  • submissions from councils and port authorities
  • agreement from land–side partners (councils and port authorities) who are willing to commit resources/funding, based on their budget priorities
  • site suitability including:
    • land availability
    • detailed engineering feasibility
    • detailed environmental feasibility and constraints (for example, marine parks, fish habitat areas, and other protected areas).

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Last updated
15 April 2024