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Current and announced projects

We own and maintain over 430 pieces of marine infrastructure valued at about $153 million. These include assets such as state boat harbours, boat ramps, jetties, pontoons, floating walkways, channels, and breakwaters/rock groynes.

The Queensland Government has committed to a $30 million 2-year extension of the Marine Infrastructure Fund (MIF) running from July 2018 to June 2020 to provide new and upgraded recreational boating facilities. The projects were identified through the 2017 Recreational Boating Facilities Demand Forecasting Study. The MIF is the capital component of the Marine Infrastructure Investment Program (MIIP).

The MIF and MIIP fund:

  • public recreational boating facilities for launching and retrieving recreational trailer boats
  • maintaining depths in state boat harbours and selected high-use channels to ensure access to the busiest recreational boating facilities
  • pontoons and jetties for deeper-draught vessels such as yachts and powerboats, for pick-up and set-down of passengers and supplies, and limited commercial use.
Location/facility State electorate Scope of works Funding source Status
Far North
Weipa, Evans Landing Cook Upgrade pontoon to attenuate wave action MIIP Off‑site fabrication has commenced on the Sunshine Coast. On‑site works scheduled for first half of 2021.
Newell Beach Cook New 2-lane boat ramp and floating walkway MIF Design amendments underway. Tender process to commence once approvals gained.
Yorkeys Knob new boat ramp Barron River Single 6-lane boat ramp with 2 floating walkways MIF Deed of agreement executed November 2019. Land and easement resumption process continuing. The federal Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC) approvals process is underway.
Palm Cove Barron River Major jetty maintenance MIIP Works scheduled for after wet season – April to June 2021.
Bramston Beach, Joyce Creek Mulgrave Relocate boat ramp MIF Fabrication of raised walkway completed in December 2020. Contractor to re-establish to site to complete installation of raised walkway including construction of reinforced concrete abutment in January/February 2021.
Mission Beach Clump Point Hill Widen boat ramp, additional floating walkway, upgrade breakwater, new detached breakwater, jetty, and pontoons DSD/MIIP Project works complete. Cassowary Coast Regional Council and MSQ project teams working on facility operational management plan and commercial user agreements.
Coconuts, Fern Street Hill Resurfacing and extension of boat ramp MIF/MIIP Preliminary design completed and marine park application submitted in December 2020. Tendering to commence in January 2021. Works scheduled for March to June 2021.
Mackay / Whitsunday
Molongle Beach Road, Molongle Creek
Deed of agreement
Burdekin Entrance channel deepening MIIP Disposal facility: Disposal facility construction underway. Bunds are complete. Wet season rainfall may delay completion of the works. Construction of weir boxes to be completed and installation of hydro-mulching to commence in January.

Dredging: Dredging approvals awaiting change of lot boundary by WRC, expected to occur late-January 2021. Expect approvals application to be re-submitted for dredging works once lot boundary change is confirmed.
Midge Point Whitsunday New boat ramp MIF Great Barrier Reef Marine Parks Authority permit received 18 September 2020. Land survey completed and road realignment lodged with Department of Resources by Mackay Regional Council. Approvals from DES and DAF state agencies anticipated March 2021. Tenders invitation to follow. Construction scheduled May to November 2021.
Slade Point, Mackay Mackay New boat ramp MIIP $1 million grant contribution by TMR to Mackay Regional Council project. Works expected mid-2021 (council delivering).
Mackay Harbour Mackay Replace modules on northern floating walkway MIIP Design completed in December 2020. Modules to be fabricated in January 2021.
Shute Harbour Whitsunday Improvements to recreational boat launching infrastructure MIF Contractor has submitted construction plan including insurances, test plans, program, Environmental Management Plan and Site Management Plan. Contractor commenced procurement of materials for the works in December 2020. Contractor expected to establish to site in mid-February 2021.
Mackay, River Street Mackay Safety improvements to boat ramp MIIP Civil works (revetment) completed in December 2020. Pontoon modules extension expected to commence late January 2021.
Casuarina Creek (off Bajool-Port Alma Road) Mirani New 2-lane boat ramp with a floating walkway at Casuarina Creek. MIF Rockhampton Regional Council (RRC)progressing changes to land tenure. Revised concept configuration including minor location shift ready to progress once land tenure issues are resolved.
Inkerman Creek (off Bajool-Port Alma Road) Mirani New single-lane boat ramp at Inkerman Creek MIF Designs to be amended in January.
Thompson Point Keppel New 2-lane boat ramp plus floating walkway MIF Boat ramp construction in progress. Floating walkway piles completed in December. Floating walkaway modules manufacture in progress. Approvals for the proposed location of the barge ramp to be obtained in January.
Corbetts Landing Keppel New boat ramp and floating walkway MIF Boat ramp construction in progress.
Rosslyn Bay Boat Harbour Keppel Reconfigure boat ramps and floating walkways MIF Planning commenced.
North Coast
Golden Beach Caloundra Ramp resurface MIIP Tenders were invited in December 2020, to be evaluated and awarded in January 2021.
Victoria Point, Colburn Avenue Redlands Dredging the channel to the northern ramp MIIP Dredging in progress.
Dunwich, Junner Street jetty Oodgeroo Unsafe jetty demolition MIIP Tidal works approvals being obtained. Works to commence on receipt of works approvals early 2021.
Southern Moreton Bay Island Redlands Four new ferry pontoon terminals TransLink and RCC Tenders assessment continues.
Wellington Point access channel Oodgeroo Maintenance dredging MIIP Pre-lodgement meetings with approvals agencies scheduled for early 2021.

In assessing and prioritising projects for inclusion into the program, we will consider the following:

  • community consultation – web-based (delivered by us)
  • the latest state-wide demand forecasting study incorporating:  
    • demographic forecasts 
    • boating catchment vessel registration analysis
    • community and agency consultation (led by project consultant)
  • maximising benefits for the boating public
  • state-wide equity considerations within the scope of available funding
  • submissions from councils and port authorities
  • agreement from land-side partners (councils and port authorities) who are willing to commit resources/funding, based on their budget priorities
  • site suitability including:  
    • land availability
    • detailed engineering feasibility
    • detailed environmental feasibility and constraints (eg marine parks, fish habitat areas, and other protected areas).

For more information on recreational boating infrastructure please email:

Last updated
01 February 2021