Marine incidents

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A marine incident, as described below, involving Queensland regulated ships, which includes recreational ships, must be reported to a Shipping Inspector at the earliest opportunity, but within 48 hours of the event. If in doubt as to whether an incident is reportable, contact us for assistance.

What is a marine incident?

Under the Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Act 1994 (TOMSA), a marine incident is classified as an event causing or involving:

  • the loss of a person from a ship
  • the death of, or grievous bodily harm to, a person caused by a ship's operations
  • the loss or presumed loss or abandonment of a ship
  • a collision with a ship
  • the stranding of a ship
  • significant damage, or danger of significant damage, to a ship
  • significant damage caused by a ship's operations
  • danger of significant damage to a structure caused by a ship's operations
  • danger to a person caused by a ship's operations. 

How do I report a marine incident?

A marine incident must be reported using the approved form to a:

Shipping Inspector within 48 hours of the incident, unless there is a reasonable excuse on F3071 Marine Incident Report form for reportable marine incidents under TOMSA. 

Penalties apply to both owners and masters for failing to report marine incidents.

These forms are also available from Department of Transport and Main Roads customer service centresMaritime Safety Queensland regional offices, Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol and Water Police offices.

Shipping Inspectors are located at:

  • Maritime Safety Queensland regional offices
  • Queensland Water Police offices
  • Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol offices.

If you are unable to go to one of these offices, contact Maritime Safety Queensland by phone and an officer will advise you what to do next.

The relevant marine incident report form may be completed with the assistance of a Shipping Inspector to ensure the information is accurate, unbiased and as reliable as possible. It is important that the form is filled in completely, with the incident described in as much detail as possible.

Why report marine incidents?

The information gathered from marine incident reports helps to develop safety standards, education programs and on-water compliance programs that benefit all waterways users. Reporting a marine incident may also help you if you decide to make insurance claims on any damage. Some insurance companies may require a marine incident report to validate claims.

From marine incident reports, Maritime Safety Queensland collates and analyses the marine incident data and produces an annual Marine Incidents Report.

Last updated
02 August 2023