Queensland Coastal Contingency Action Plan (QCCAP)

The Queensland Government, acting through Maritime Safety Queensland, is responsible for dealing with ship-sourced pollution that impacts, or is likely to impact, Queensland coastal waters and the waters of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area and Torres Strait. The arrangements for mitigating the effects of ship-sourced pollution on Queensland’s marine and coastal environment are described in the Queensland Coastal Contingency Action Plan (QCCAP).

This edition of QCCAP has been compiled by Maritime Safety Queensland through consultation with a wide group of stakeholders. It supports Australia’s national arrangements for oil and chemical spills under the Inter-Governmental Agreement on Australia’s National Plan to Combat Pollution of the Sea by Oil and Other Noxious and Hazardous Substances. QCCAP also links to Queensland’s revised disaster management arrangements and supports Queensland’s recently revised State Disaster Management Plan.

Queensland Coastal Contingency Action Plan


Due to their size, the appendices have been split up from the rest of the document: 

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23 January 2023