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Wear your lifejacket to work on 25 October and help save lives

MSQ General Manager Angus Mitchell wearing a lifejacketLike wearing seatbelts in vehicles, wearing lifejackets in boats is proven to save lives.

And yet we see too much tragedy continuing to occur because, when things go suddenly wrong on the water, people are not wearing their lifejackets.

It can be too late to think about putting on a lifejacket when you find yourself in the water because you’ve fallen overboard or your boat has capsized.

If you can’t reach your lifejacket it can’t save you, and even if you can reach it, you’ll struggle to put it on in the water.

With this in mind, Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) is promoting “Wear Your Lifejacket To Work Day” on Friday, 25 October, 2019.

MSQ General Manager, Angus Mitchell, said the idea behind the promotion was to highlight how easy it is to wear a lifejacket.

‘Too often, boaties get complacent about actually wearing the lifejackets the law requires them to have on their boats,’ Angus said.

‘They think lifejackets are bulky and restrict movement when, given modern designs and materials, that often is not the case.

‘Wear Your Lifejacket to Work Day is an international initiative intended to raise the profile of lifejackets as lifesaving equipment. The idea is to show that, if lifejackets are easy to wear to on the commute or at work, they are just as easy to wear on a boat'.

Angus said that the importance of wearing lifejackets was strongly reinforced by marine fatality statistics in Queensland over a long period of time.

‘Between February 1992 and June 2018, 230 people drowned after marine incidents in Queensland waters, or were presumed to have drowned,’ he said.

‘Of those 230 people, only 12 were known to have been wearing a lifejacket.

‘Many of those who drowned might have survived for long enough to be rescued if they’d been wearing a lifejacket.’

On 25 October, Queenslanders can raise awareness of the importance of lifejackets in saving lives by simply wearing their lifejackets on their commute or at work, taking a selfie, and posting it to social media and tagging #lifejacketwearit.

The more people see others wearing lifejackets, the more aware of their lifesaving qualities they will be, and therefore the more likely they are to wear a lifejacket when out on their boats.

The Queenslander whose awareness you raise today could be the Queenslander you help save tomorrow.

Check out our lifejackets information and watch for the Department of Transport and Main Roads’ social media leading up to 25 October to see how the campaign is progressing.

Last updated
11 October 2019