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Buoys and charts for the Burnett River

Boaties heading onto Bundaberg’s Burnett River can now use navigation buoys and up-to-date chartlets to safely pilot the river after recent flooding changed conditions.

Maritime Safety Queensland executive director Patrick Quirk said an expert hydrographic survey team spent weeks creating a sonar picture of the river.

'The data they built up enabled us to produce a detailed picture of changed channels, sandbanks and potential submerged hazards caused by the floods,' Mr Quirk said.

'It helped us choose the best sites for re-establishment of a series of 14 temporary navigation buoys upstream of the Port of Bundaberg.

'We have also produced a set of chartlets which will assist boaties in safely operating on the river.'

Mr Quirk said the navigation aids would help recreational boaties return to the river but they should continue to exercise extreme caution.

'The new markers and charts provide a preferred course but boaties should be vigilant while on the water to remain safe,' he said.

'These aids will greatly improve boat operators’ awareness of the environmental changes but they should always remember to keep a proper lookout and continue to operate at reduced speeds.

'We are also providing boaties who are attending the region’s premier fishing event, the Boyne-Tannum Hook Up near Gladstone, with recently updated chartlets showing the safest waters for the challenging Boyne River estuary.'

The Burnett River chartlets are available at Maritime Safety Queensland’s Bundaberg office or they can be downloaded from the Bundaberg section of Notices to Mariners.

Last updated
18 September 2018